Your role in court

If you have made a statement to police you may be required to give evidence at a court hearing.

If you have made a statement, you may receive a summons to give evidence in the Magistrates Court or a subpoena to give evidence in the County or Supreme Court. The summons or subpoena is a Court Order and will contain information on when and where you need to attend. 

You should be contacted by the police informant, OPP solicitor or the WAS worker before the hearing commences to let you know when you are required to attend court to give evidence. If you have not heard from the police informant before the hearing date you should contact the informant or the OPP solicitor to ask when you will be required to attend court to give evidence.

There may be more than one hearing and if you are a witness you may need to go to court more than once. It is also possible that a hearing may be delayed (adjourned) to another day. This can happen for a range of reasons. The informant, OPP solicitor or WAS worker will do their best to let you know if a hearing has been adjourned, although sometimes adjournments can happen at short notice.

Now You Are a Witness

The Now You Are a Witness- English brochure will help you to understand what is involved when you are required to give evidence in court and how you can prepare for that process.

This brochure is also available in multiple languages:

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