Support is available for victims of crime

This section provides information to victims on their role in court and how they can access support services.



  • The role of victims in the court process
  • What you can expect from us
  • The role of the Victims and Witness Assistance Service
  • Sex Offences and Family Violence
  • How Victim Impact Statements are relevant to victims
  • How to access compensation
  • Advice on staying safe

Victims play a central role in the criminal justice system. We recognise the importance of providing information and support to victims and witnesses throughout the court process.

As a victim you play a central role in the prosecution. The Victim’s Charter Act 2006 sets out the obligations owed to you by the OPP.

The Witness Assistance Service (WAS) supports victims and witnesses of serious crime through the court process.

The criminal justice system can be daunting for victims of sexual assault and family violence.

If you have suffered physical injury, grief, emotional trauma or
financial or property loss as a direct result of a crime, you can make a Victim Impact Statement.

If the accused is prosecuted under the Crimes (Mental Impairment and Unfitness to be Tried) Act 1997, you can make a Victim or Family Member Report telling the court about the impact of the crime on you.

You can make a claim for costs you have to pay as a witness and can apply for compensation as a result of being a victim of crime.

If you are a victim of a violent crime and the adult offender is sentenced to a term of imprisonment, you can ask to be placed on the Victims Register.

The Victims’ Charter sets out principles about how you should be treated as a victim of crime.

Being involved in the court process as a victim can be challenging. There are a number of services you can access for information and support to help you through the process.

Witnesses and victims need to feel safe during the court process.

Victims or other persons with a legitimate interest in a case may ask the DPP for the reasons behind a prosecution decision.

Access important publications for victims.