Meet Lucy

Lucy is a chocolate Labrador and was born on August 13th 2017. She was trained by Assistance Dogs of Australia from eight weeks of age and was placed with the OPP in May 2019 where she works full time. You can follow Lucy on Instagram @courtdoglucy

Her role is to accompany people at various stages through the legal process

  • Case conferences
  • Committals
  • Trials
  • Plea hearing
  • Sentence hearing
  • Appeal
  • Intermediary assessment

Where Does Lucy Work 
Lucy is able to provide support both in remote rooms and in the courtroom – even on the witness stand. She was the first dog in Australia to be allowed onto a witness stand. Having Lucy with you during a court proceeding is always subject to the approval of the Magistrate or Judge in that matter.

What Does Lucy Do
Lucy will lie by your feet and be there for pats and cuddles when you are feeling anxious. She also loves games and can help to keep you calm whilst you are waiting for court to start.  Have a look at some of the things Lucy can do on the video below.

How to Book Lucy
If you would like to meet Lucy or have her with you at any stage in your matter, please speak with your Solicitor or Social Worker and they will send a request to the Program Coordinator. As Lucy is in high demand, unfortunately not all requests can be met.

“She kept me so calm and grounded. Every time I started to get stressed she looked up at me. She lay really close to my body and on my feet. It made me feel better.” “Lucy’s snoring brought me back to the present and I really liked it”. “You can’t express in words the difference Lucy makes. She just lowers the energy in the room.”

For more information on the OPP Court Dog Program, contact Julie Morrison at

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