On the day you go to court

On the day you go to court, it is advisable to arrive at court at least half an hour before the time on your summons or subpoena. There may be delays entering the court due to security screening.

You may have made arrangements with the police informant about a meeting place and time. If not, you will need to do the following things:

  • go through court security, if necessary.
  • check the daily court list on the notice board in the foyer of the court.
  • find (on the court list) the name of the accused, which is on the front of the subpoena, and make a note of the courtroom number.
  • go to the correct courtroom and wait outside for the police informant, OPP solicitor or WAS worker to meet you.
  • if you do not want to have your address read out in court, tell the police informant or the OPP solicitor before you go into court.

If you are at a regional court, you can go to the Registrar’s Counter for help.

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