If you are a witness in a criminal matter, the police informant, the Office of Public Prosecutions' (OPP) solicitor or Witness Asistance Service (WAS) social worker may arrange to meet with you about the matter. This is called a 'conference' and is a discussion about the proceedings, which is usually held at the OPP.

At a conference you will generally meet with the OPP solicitor and WAS social worker. The police informant and the barrister engaged by the OPP may also attend the conference. At the conference you can ask questions about the court process and request a tour of the court. You will be provided with information about giving evidence in court, although you may not be able to discuss the details of the evidence you are to give.

Conferences may be held at any stage during the legal process. They may be held before the committal hearing, the trial, the plea hearing, the sentence hearing and before an appeal against sentence or conviction. Conferences can also be held after these key hearings for de-briefing purposes.

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