Victims Register

The Victims Register provides information to victims of violent crime about adult prisoners while they are in prison. This includes information about:

  • the prisoner’s earliest possible release date from prison
  • the prisoner’s possible release on parole
  • making a submission to the Adult Parole Board
  • the prisoner’s actual release date and the reason for releasing them.

You can choose whether or not you want to be put on the Victims Register. If you would like to be on the register you will need to fill out an application form.

You are entitled to be placed on the Victims Register if the offender is in prison as a result of a crime committed against you.

You may also apply to be on the Victims Register if you were not the victim of the crime for which the offender was imprisoned but you:

  • have a family violence intervention order in force against the prisoner
  • can demonstrate a documented history of family violence being committed against you by the prisoner
  • can demonstrate a substantial connection to the offence for which the prisoner is serving a prison sentence

You are not eligible to be placed on the register if the offender is detained in a youth justice centre. Registration is voluntary.

For further information or for an application form, contact the Victims Register through the Victims of Crime Helpline.

Making a Submission to the Adult Parole Board

If the Adult Parole Board is considering releasing the offender on parole you may make a submission to the board. You can include any concerns you have about the prisoner being released on parole and the terms on which they are released.

Even if you are not on the Victims Register you can still make a submission although you may not be given information about the decisions made by the board.

Submissions to the Parole Board must be in writing and can be made by a victim of a crime, a person related to the victim or other person with an interest in the case. The submission will not be given to the prisoner without consent.

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