Reasons for decisions

The OPP must provide victims with reasons for any decision to:

  • substantially modify the charges; or
  • discontinue a prosecution; or
  • accept a plea of guilty to a lesser charge.

Victims may also request reasons for other types of decisions not listed above.

Also, witnesses or other persons with a legitimate interest in a case may ask the DPP for the reasons behind a prosecution decision.

A request for reasons may be declined where the giving of the reasons by the DPP would interfere with an ongoing police investigation or would prejudice a current or future court case.

Requests to the DPP can be emailed to or sent to:

Director of Public Prosecutions
PO Box 13085
VIC 8010


The DPP has introduced a new process to give victims an additional say before decisions are made to discontinue a prosecution.

At present victims are kept informed and their views sought when important decisions are to be made in a prosecution.

This new process provides an additional opportunity for victims to have input prior to a Senior Crown Prosecutor or the DPP reviewing a decision to discontinue.

The new process follows recommendations made by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and the Victorian Law Reform Commission.

Read more here.

See the Discontinuance Review Framework.

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