Supporting Victims
and Witnesses

This website has been created to help Victims, Witnesses and Bereaved Family Members navigate the Victorian criminal justice system


Information for victims of crime to understand your role, provide support, assistance and help

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Information for witnesses to understand your role, how to look after yourself and stay safe

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Information for Bereaved Family Members on the court process and your role in it

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The Court Process

Going to court can be a daunting experience. This site will help explain all aspects of the court process including:

  • giving evidence
  • going to court
  • what to do when you arrive at court
  • prosecutions in regional areas
  • prosecuting mental impairment cases
  • court support
The Court Process


Find out the types of support you are entitled to and able to access as part of the process


About the OPP

We are Victoria's largest criminal legal practice. On behalf of the community we prepare and present prosecutions against people accused of serious crimes.